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Therapy Evaluation

Therapy Evaluation

S.M.I.L.E.S. performs comprehensive and highly thorough therapy evaluations regarding swallowing disorders and feeding difficulties from birth to 21 years of age. Therapy evaluations combine many techniques to derive the most appropriate and effective approach for progress.

Comprehensive evaluations are approximately two hours in length, depending on age, severity, involvement, and tolerance of the child. At least one primary caregiver is required to attend and will be expected to provide detailed information regarding the child.

A holistic—looking at the entire child—approach is utilized to provide immediate intervention techniques and training. We also provide follow-up evaluations periodically to assist treating therapist and parents with continued support, direction, and assistance to ensure progress.

Therapy Evaluation Analysis Considerations

The collective systems in our body act as dominoes in that when one is out of alignment, it can negatively impact corresponding systems. We analyze how the following systems effect each other:

  • Posture
  • Positioning
  • Respiratory
  • Gross Motor Movements
  • Fine Motor Movements
  • Sensory Responses Bodily and Orally

Evaluation Formal & Informal
Standardized/Modified Standardized Testing

Testing is done in order to get a good baseline of where the child is in their development. The Standardized test consists of manipulatives (objects), pictures, command response, imitations. Not all children will participate in the standardized testing so a Modified Test is made available to accommodate in this circumstance. Typically, modification will consist of more repetition, examples, and extra time allotted to complete tasks.

Therapy Evaluation Recommendations

Based on the outcomes of Analysis & Testing, we will make recommendations for a speech therapy program as well as accompanying recommendations for other possible therapeutic and medical services where we feel is necessary.