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PROMPT Parent Course

PROMPT Parent Course — Understanding PROMPT from a Therapist’s Perspective

The parent course is 3 hours on 2 separate days. This course teaches PROMPT in-depth and how to look at your child as a PROMPT therapist would view him/her. Anyone planning to PROMPT a child to further home progress should attend this course.

On the first day, parents will receive a manual containing worksheets to and readings to complete. We will then review the worksheets in a therapy session between course days and make changes as needed.

The second session will be learning how to script out activities/routines/change language to target motor skills and then learn and practice the PROMPTs that are appropriate for your child so you can feel confident about helping him/her at home.

Anyone who is working closely with a child in therapy may attend, i.e., parents, grandparents, elder siblings, caregivers. Your therapist is not allowed to attend this course unless they have attended at least the first PROMPT course, Introduction to PROMPT, and is attending to assist the parent.

Parents are not allowed to teach a third party, as they are not specialty trained and certified to teach PROMPT. We want the most success and progress for your child and variances in the delivery of each PROMPT can negatively effect the program and results.