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PROMPT Mentoring

PROMPT Mentoring for Therapists in Training

PROMPT training can be overwhelming at times, but we can help with that! Once you have completed the intro course, "Introduction to PROMPT: Technique", we can help you by:

  • Mentoring new PROMPTers individually or in a group
  • Hosting study groups for PROMPT Intro and Bridging trainees
  • Mentoring throughout the PROMPT Technique Practicum project
  • Mentoring throughout the PROMPT Certification project
  • Consulting on specific cases

We’ve provided consulting and mentoring services for organizations such as the Lakota School District in Cincinnati, Ohio, in order to help therapists improve on their technique and enable students to move through the school system more effectively. More information about the consultation and mentoring services we provided for the Lakota School District, is available in our case study. If you’re interested in being mentored, or you need help with specific, challenging cases, please contact us to discuss the areas/clients you are seeking help with.